Imani & Jamar

Young Journey Ambassador

Imani is in High School Class of 2023. She plays the flute and loves to write stories and poems. Her exceptional writing skills reached President Obama in a letter she wrote to him in 2014 expressing her aspiration to become the first female President. She received a reply from the President encouraging her to reach that goal.

Jamar is in High School Class of 2021. He loves music and composing, and is in pursuit of a composition career in the music business. He is highly gifted in music in the areas of reading, writing, and arranging with extraordinary rhythm. His incredible talent is heard and felt every time he plays his vibraphone, an instrument he is very passionate about.

Both Imani and Jamar are phenomenal students and band members with many live performances under their belts.

Listen to Imani’s “The Greatest” poem, and Jamar’s song in the Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day 2020 video.


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