2020 Henry McMahon Advocacy Award

Awarded to Suzanna McVey
Presented by Kids Living Well

The Henry McMahon Children’s Advocacy Award is named after Henry McMahon, who volunteered tirelessly on behalf of the children, youth and families of Travis County. His passion was to strengthen children’s mental health systems of care and promote collaboration across child serving agencies. The award is in place to honor the advocacy work of those who voluntarily, without being paid, give of their time and energy to advocate on behalf of children with mental health needs.

Suzanna McVey is a volunteer for The Children’s Partnership. She has volunteered for The Children’s Partnership as a Family Board member for the past six years. Her dedication to The Children’s Partnership Board reflects her lived experience as an adoptive parent of two children, Sawyer (8) and Patrick (14). Suzanna’s role on the board is to promote family voice and to advocate and educate others. She shares her lived experience and promotes awareness of mental health to decrease stigma in our community. As a former Integral Care Child and Family Services LMSW-ACP practitioner of 13 years, she values mental health education, support, and advocacy for families. She is frequently called upon to share this lived experience in navigating systems to help other families’ access mental health supports. She is a volunteer at her children’s schools and an active PTA member.

Suzanne’s volunteerism is making a difference for children, youth, and families in our community.

She is a mother first and foremost to her two sons, Sawyer and Patrick, and she is a wife and partner to her husband, Chuck. Her volunteerism and civic engagement for mental health issues is well known in our community. She serves as an ARD advocate for her two children and an informal support to other parents in her school communities. Suzanna’s personal story has helped local educators expand their compassion for the children and youth they see daily. This collaboration has built mental health awareness and helped to decrease stigma.

Additionally, she is a parent volunteer in the Young Men’s Service League, where she and her older son, Patrick, volunteer at other local non-profits, including parks, community gardens, and the food bank. This is a service learning opportunity that Suzanna enjoys and promotes volunteerism in her children and others.

Suzanna McVey is an outstanding volunteer. Her volunteerism is making a difference for children, youth, and families in our community. We are proud to award her the 2020 Henry McMahon Children’s Advocacy Award.

Congratulations, Suzanna!

—Kids Living Well