Jaha Wilder

Founder/Executive Director
Young Journey

Jaha is a native Austinite born youngest of ten into an extremely talented family. She grew up around performing arts, always taking care of children and giving to the community. As a teenager, life brought her a series of severe trials including her mother transitioning at the age of fifteen, followed by her being a victim of a gunshot incident, leaving her with six bullets in her body at the age of 15. Although doctors predicted she would be paralyzed and possibly unable to speak and walk properly again, she quickly and resiliently bounced back into life and moved to Hawaii, later traveling internationally touring the globe. She trained in several art disciplines, often performing live in the areas of dance, singing, hosting and television appearances. Additionally as a singer/songwriter, radio/TV script writer, voice-over talent and music/film producer, Jaha simultaneously continued to care for community, always keeping children at the center.

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